Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ready or Not

We are finally settling in to the new house, and I apologize for the lack of pictures.  It's all I can do to stay afloat right now with everything else on our plate (in a good way).

It's crunch time for the Carbonatto's though, as baby Brenner is gearing up to make his entrance - whether we're ready or not!

With Brecken, I was diagnosed fairly late in the pregnancy with this weird disorder called cholestasis.  This time, we were looking for it, so were able to diagnose a lot earlier which is super good.  Most people haven't heard of it, and frankly, even the people that have, don't know too much about it.  For the quick run-down, read more here.  It's really of no risk to me, but is to the little guy inside me.  So I have been officially switched over to high risk and am under close watch.  Don't worry, everything's fine so far.

I was induced with Brecken, and I will be again for Brenner - the question is when.  It will be no more than a week and a half from now though!  Holy crap!  That will make him about 3-4 weeks early, but we (and the doctors) expect him to be just fine.

So yeah, don't be mad at the lack of house updates - we've been scrambling to get everything ready for this little guy's arrival.  House will have to wait.

ALTHOUGH: the interior downstairs is being painted as we speak, and I've been able to score some REALLY fun pieces of antique furniture to fill the space.  I'm SO excited to see things coming together, be it ever so slowly, and will definitely be sharing ASAP!

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  1. Yay Brenner. Praying everything goes well with labor and delivery! XOXO!


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