Sunday, March 25, 2012

Phone Dump

A real blog post is much overdue, but a phone dump is all I can swing for now.  I have had a draft of our kitchen post going for about a week now...I will finish uploading pictures I swear.  In the meantime, my phone shows a little bit of our life lately:

A Saturday morning treat with our family of 4 to celebrate a good friend's birthday.

Decided it would be fun to SIT in a mud puddle.  I couldn't help but laugh.  I asked for boys. :)

Here's Mr. Brenner Joseph.  I'm slightly obsessed with cuddling with him.  I love  this sleeping baby!

So many things to love about this picture:
1.  We have a backyard!
2.  It's sunny outside!
3.  He's filthy...yet again.  :)  Rolling down the bark hill sounded like a good idea.
Dressing these boys every day is one of my regular highlights.  I love all things boy.
Spring = fresh flowers.  LOVE.
That's life lately.

Stay tuned for the Kitchen Post, Craigslist Finds, and some initial before and afters of what we've already started to do to personalize our new home.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Fun

Here we are, a bajillion doctor's appointments completed and now just 2 days away from meeting our next little guy!

To catch you up real quick, on top of moving into our GORG new house, I was diagnosed with this weird disorder called cholestasis (quick read on it here).  Because of the stress that it puts on my body, and thus Brenner's little body, I'm being induced on Monday morning!

Blake has been working serious overtime around the house to help get everything ready - I really am so lucky to have him.  The swing has taken up home in our family room again, the second crib has been put together, and my adorable new diaper bag is all packed and ready to welcome the little guy!
Timi & Leslie - the Dawn.  Bought it from Zappos.
I still can't believe that Brecken isn't going to be our little baby anymore.  I've been plagued with tons of nostalgia lately.  Unpacking and washing all Brecken's old clothes, hanging them in some new baby's closet.  Wondering who he is.  What does he look like?  I'm nervous and excited all at once.  Plus, even though the induction is scheduled for Monday, I had a procedure done today called an amniotesis where they check Brenner's lung maturity and we were told that there is a chance that my water will now break on it's own sometime between now and Monday sending me into labor.  So there's a slight element of surprise and anticipation looming over the weekend too.

Our house isn't anywhere near where I would've wanted it decor-wise before his arrival, but that's okay. I've learned to become patient.  I want to do this one right.  And that's going to take time with normal circumstances - let alone crazy 9 month pregnant-I-itch-til-I-bleed circumstances.

Here are some quick pics via Le iPhone from this week:

Some girlfriends and I escaped to the casino for a Bingo night.  Yes, two of us are 8/9 months pregnant.  And no, we're not 80 years old.  Don't judge. :)
Look Mom: this means trouble. 
Got these from Pick Your Plum a few weeks ago.  Haven't decided what their purpose will be yet.  Maybe photo props.  Maybe bathroom towel hangers.  Options are endless.

Picture we had to send to dentist.  We have blood at least twice a week with this kid.
Snow in March.  Why not?

And total side note: did you see Whippy Cake launched her new Cookie Crumb collection for little baby girls!  SUCH dainty cute little headbands - great gifts.

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