About Me

This life of wedded bliss started in 2006.  I'm rapidly approaching 30 and am so blessed to be experimenting in the world of mommyhood.  Yes, that's right, my days are filled with experiments.  Not scientific ones, but ones that involve the kitchen, raising my little boy (and the one on the way!), and learning to be better in all ways that I believe a wife should.  It is a dream to have a house filled with all things boy, and I strive daily to instill a Godly legacy in him.  We try to maintain sanity in the house while Blake is away at his 9-5.  

I bake cookies only with pre-made dough, I don't own real Uggs but could spend all my money at Nordstrom if I was allowed.  I stalk a lot of people that I don't know through blogs, and constantly find inspiration.  I have more ideas than I actually follow through with, but I love being the expert in whatever I'm known for.  I'm still searching for what those subjects are.  

My guilty pleasures are game and reality shows of most kinds, filling my cart online but not actually buying anything, peanut M&M's and Diet Coke, along with shoplifting borrowing clothes from my sister.

This blog was started to keep those loved ones in our life up to date on the Carbonatto happenings, has now morphed into my creative outlet during naptime and tends to be a (hopeful) honest glimpse into our daily lives! 

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